EUE-Net web site
EUE-Net has a web site of its own now as with this project not only a continuation in a way of EUI-Net has been realised, but more over a 'new chapter' has begun as well.
The EUI-Net site is of course also still online and can still be found at www.eui-net,org
The photographs of the Brasov kick-off meeting, 7-8 February 2008 are online now.
The photographs made during the kick-off meeting in Brasov, 7 - 8 February are online available now. Photo's have been made by Aurora, Frank and Simona.
Click the following link to get there immediately.
Many of our network have been present at the UNIVERSITY-BUSINESS FORUM in Brussels, 28-29 February 2008.
A web site has been published now: Link